10 Beautiful Flowers That Grow Well in Colorado

With several beautiful flowers growing well in Colorado, choosing the best varieties to grow can be a challenge. You want the best flowers possible and ones that work well in the Colorado climate.

If you enjoy gardening, then you want as many flowers as possible. But remember, some flowers are prone to pests, others require extensive care, and there are those that are easy to grow.

In this post, I’ll discuss 10 beautiful flowers that grow well in Colorado. Enjoy reading.

10 Beautiful Flowers in Western Colorado

1. Petunias

Petunias are an excellent choice flower to grow in Colorado. It’s a simple flower choice that grows all year. You can grow it in your garden, in hanging baskets, or in window boxes.

The flower thrives really well in the heat but can bloom from early November. As the weather gets hooters, the blooms become more. But be on the lookout for rabbits and chipmunks that eat the flowers.

2. Daisies

If you want some ornamental flowers, then daises make a great choice. You can choose from the three varieties of Africa, Shasta, and English. It’s one of the most beautiful flowers that bloom year after year with little maintenance.

Dais is a perennial plant with bulbs planted in fall and the actual plant in Spring. The flowers are ideal for Colorado thriving with increased temperatures.

What’s more, the pungent flavor of the flowers can deter pests like deer and rabbits.

3. Mandevilla

Commonly known as rock trumpet, Mandevilla is a great choice of flower to grow in Colorado. This is a genius tropical and subtropical that will do well in Colorado. It’s a USDA hardy in zone 9 flower.

When temperatures hit below 45 degrees, you want to consider bringing it indoors. But that should not be an issue as temperatures are usually high in Colorado.

It’s a showy plant with trumpet-like flowers making it a perfect choice for your Colorado garden. It’s a flower that likes the sun a lot more than the shade.

4. Dahlia

This is one of the easiest flowers to grow in the hot Colorado temperatures. The plant just grows without any fertilizer. You can plant it in any soil without weeding it.

There are three varieties of Dahlia to consider. You can choose the Bishop, Pinnata, or the imperialis. However, the flowers are prone to common pests like rabbits, squirrels, deer, and chipmunks that eat the bulbs.

5. Zinnia

Zinnias are beautiful flowers and a great addition to your Colorado garden. They are a few of the spring flowers. You can plant them early in the summer without any issues. They can bloom and grow throughout the hot summer temperatures.

The plant is quite easy to grow from the seed. It doesn’t require much light and water to grow. Additionally, the flower grows easily without much care. But Zinnia grows best in containers, raised garden beds, and boxes.

6. Tulips

Tulips are a popular choice to grow in Colorado. You can choose different varieties like a single, double, triumph, and fringed. These are among the most beautiful flowers on the list to consider planting.

They bloom in the Spring and come in different shades of yellow, pink, purple, black, white, red, and orange. The flowers are perfect for any yard and will add much-needed color.

They grow almost everywhere, from raised garden beds, boxes, containers, and even in poor soil.

7. Marigolds

For an extended flower season, marigolds are a great choice. They are perfected and suited for the Colorado climate. You can plant them from early Spring or late frost and expect flowers throughout the summer.

Marigolds can bloom for 6-8 months a year, making them ideal for the sunny Colorado weather.

8. Daffodils

Daffodils are quite easy to maintain and can grow well in the harsh Colorado climate. You can have more flowers blooming without even pruning them. It’s one of the few flowers that can thrive through summer and winter.

But they tend to be hardier, surviving long periods of cold, heat, and garden pests.

9. Lily

Yes, lilies are also great flowers to grow in Colorado. There are three varieties of common, dwarf, and yellow lilies to grow.

The right variety will bloom through the summer, making it ideal for hot climates. It’s a suitable plant to grow in tight spaces. It grows vertically, making it ideal for urban Colorado gardeners.

10. Black-Eyed Susan

Lastly, you can choose the black-eyed Susan, which does very well in dry areas. While the plant might not bloom so much, you can expect to thrive in the harshest weather.

This is the perfect flower to grow in any garden in Colorado. The plant does exceptionally well in compact and mulch soils. You can be sure of all summer blooms with this plant.

Final Verdict

Not every flower can survive in Colorado. You need flowers that adapt to heat and dry conditions. The flowers in the list can thrive in Colorado with little care and maintenance. Go ahead and choose a few to plant in your garden.

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